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Dr. Shawn Harris


Doctor Shawn Harris became inspired to become an acupuncturist more than a decade ago after leaving the U.S. Navy due to medical reasons. After working with some pretty harsh chemicals in the Navy, he developed some respiratory issues and sought help from a Chinese doctor shortly after leaving the service in 2007. Along with taking Chinese Herbal medicine, Dr. Harris underwent several months of acupuncture. During the course of his care, Dr. Harris noticed that his asthma symptoms had decreased significantly, to the extent that he didn’t have to use his inhaler nearly as much.

After experiencing the holistic benefits of acupuncture, Dr. Harris was motivated to begin a quest to help others, especially people suffering from chronic pain and other debilitating medical conditions. He later went to work as the lead acupuncturist for the Beckley VA Medical Center in West Virginia in 2019. It was there that he treated more than 500 veterans with complex chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, and many other serious medical conditions. Dr. Harris is contracted with the US department of Veteran Affairs, and continues to work extensively with veterans, as well as civilians, who need acupuncture to bring relief from their acute and chronic health conditions

When Dr. Harris is not with patients, you will find him taking deep breaths while enjoying nature and hiking along the beautiful mountains of southern Oregon.

Sang Montage

L.Ac., N.C.C.A.O.M., M.S.O.M.

Sang's focus is on gentle Japanese style acupuncture, moxibustion, and KMS style.

She utilizes tongue, Shen/Hammer pulse, and hara diagnoses to best tailor your customized sessions. Sang has been practicing since 2006.

In 1997 Sang suffered a serious foot injury which caused several months of chronic pain. She tried many alternative medicine modalities without success. Having a phobia of needles, acupuncture was her last choice. She decided to put aside her fears and see an acupuncturist. After only a few sessions the pain was gone.

Due to her personal experience Sang realizes that people’s phobia of needles is real and powerful. Many people are possessed by this fear to the extent that they won’t try acupuncture. Sang is sympathetic to this difficulty because she wrangled it for herself – and is confident that you can overcome it too.

Impressed with the benefits and philosophy of the medicine, Sang continued acupuncture treatment to maintain her overall health. Eventually she realized she wanted to help others with the medicine that has served her so well.

In her spare time, Sang enjoys being outdoors with her husband and animals.

Fiona Passmann

Office Assistant

Fiona is our office assistant extraordinaire. As a Grants Pass native, Fiona enjoys hiking around in nature and spending time at the river with her family. She has a deep appreciation for cars and aspires to one day work as a Nascar mechanic.

Health and fitness are a priority for Fiona, and as such, she feels passionate and driven about helping others succeed on their health and wellness journey.

We look forward to seeing you at the office!

Fiona enjoys hiking around in nature and spending time at the river with her family.

"I want to provide a safe space for people to decompress, and become the best version of themselves"
- Dr. Harris

Dr. Harris went on to study trauma and orthopedics. He did an advanced internship in Hangzhou, China, where he worked with the Red Cross hospital and their sister college, Zhejiang University, one of China’s Ivy League schools. After working with Dr. Michael Corradino in 2017, Dr. Harris decided to incorporate the benefits of Neuropuncture into his practice. Neuropuncture uses specific electrical frequencies to inhibit pain, and to encourage the body to heal. This modern neuroscience, in combination with traditional Chinese medical practice, is unparalleled in the treatment of complex chronic pain.

Upon his arrival in Grants Pass, Oregon, Doctor Harris took advantage of the opportunity to bring pain relief to the people of Southern Oregon. He opened the doors at Rogue Valley Acupuncture in Grants Pass in January of 2020.

Dr. Harris is licensed to practice acupuncture in Oregon and Idaho, and he is nationally board certified by the NCCAOM. He is also certified in Asian Bodywork Therapy by the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA). Additionally, Doctor Harris is certified to provide Battlefield Acupuncture services through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


Why should you choose working with a DACM?

Dr. Harris received a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (DACM) from Pacific College of Health and Science, the top regionally accredited institution for acupuncture in the United States. As such, you can ensure that you will receive the most up to date and comprehensive care.

Why is it in your advantage to work with a practitioner that holds the degree of DACM? A licensed acupuncturist who has completed and received a DACM degree has earned a dual-specialization in Chinese Internal Medicine & Physical Medicine. This dual-specialty approach focuses on key areas of modern healthcare while implementing cutting-edge best practices grounded in tradition.


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