What You Can Expect


What You Can Expect When You Visit Rogue Valley Acupuncture

You will immediately notice our small azure blue house that comprises Rogue Valley Acupuncture. Our clinic exudes an atmosphere of relaxation and healing. The waiting room is festooned with plants and artwork and offers a wide assortment of books to read while patients wait for service.

The treatment rooms at Rogue Valley Acupuncture are themed. One of the rooms, dubbed the “Jungle Room,” is accented with jungle tapestries over the windows and overhead light, giving the room a relaxed, green glow. This room tends to be a favorite for our patients. We have another treatment room that is our “Sky Room,” and it is adorned with white tapestries over the windows and is particularly well illuminated. The motif is punctuated with vibrant artwork on the walls. This room offers a more uplifting and celestial theme.

Patients describe our acupuncture clinic as peaceful and safe. They appreciate the unique artwork and the aroma of traditional Chinese herbs and liniment that infuses the air.


Upon Arrival

Upon your arrival, Doctor Harris will make sure to provide time for you, as the new patient, to relax and feel supported in your care. He will invite you to share with him your medical history, and will discuss with you your treatment goals, as we determine which medical condition (s) you would like to have addressed during your course of care. You can expect for your first visit to be just over an hour.

Each visit is composed of an individualized treatment tailored to your medical, emotional, mental, and physical needs. Taking into account the unique needs of every patient, your first visit might include any or some of the following:

Asian bodywork therapy, cupping, electroacupuncture, myofascial release, guasha, and nutritional counseling. We may also discuss a custom herbal prescription. You may very well find yourself quite relaxed and perhaps you might fall asleep during your treatment while listening to soothing music.

Doctor Harris wants all of his patients to experience optimal health and wellness.

Your Next Steps

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Once you arrive, we will do an initial consultation, exam, and you will receive your first acupuncture treatment.
After your assessment we will develop a treatment plan that caters to your health needs, and we may discuss dietary and/or herbal prescriptions as needed.
After your treatment, the healing begins as your body is stimulated to heal at a cellular level!